Deposits are full for this litter

Due to the Corona Virus and its high level of activity in some states, projected by the CDC:   

 In these perilous times, in order to protect  all concerned, We  are going to need to employ exceptional measures and have families choose their puppies Online.

We have people coming from various States to pick up their puppies, and want to protect all families and pets from possible exposure to the Corona Virus.


We will feature each puppy  with video interaction, with us, and a write up about each puppy. Pictures etc.. once the puppies are 6 weeks old. This will be besides the videos we post weekly.

Each family will choose their puppy from the MAGGIE & BRADY Page of our website.

  Each puppy will have a different color collar to identify them by.

I will start this process when the puppies are 6th weeks of age. 

I will give each family a time/date to choose their puppy by. 

This will be in the order of deposit picks.

 I will answer questions by phone , or email to help you choose your puppy, during this time if needed.

I will also post info about what is in the puppy folder and other info. etc as well.

When families come to pick their puppy and puppy folder, we will bring your puppy to you when you arrive.

You can post your questions by email or by phone before or after you pick up your puppy.


That being said,

I do plan for families to be able to pick up their puppy on the 15th OF NOVEMBER                   All puppies should be chosen by then.


This is a highly unusual way for us to have families adopt our puppies and we do apologize.

Please bear with us and help us through this process so that everyone stays safe through this difficult time.

Ronny & Jay


Maggie drying off her newborn

Mom nurses her puppies quite frequently at this stage of growth.          Still blind and deaf, the puppies can only crawl around the whelping box, seeking warmth from the heating pad or MOM. Their pigment s starting to come in,  and they are gaining weight quite rapidly now. Mom is getting lots of chicken, eggs, and beef in her food to keep up with the demand for milk.

9 Days Old
JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin

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Also A metal comb
This is the puppy food we will be feeding your puppy, Make sure to order your bag in a timely fashion in case deliveries are delayed

A Great Video on Feeding Your

Puppy. Please follow his guidelines with your new puppy.

Guess what. Our eyes just opened and we can see for the first time!
Mom leaves our whelping box more often now, checking on us time to time. She does not have to feed us as often, so she gets a break between feedings. We are starting to get up on all fours now instead of crawling around our whelping box. We still sleep most of the time. Our pigment is still coming in.
Unlike their eyes, which are functional but not fully developed, puppies are born deaf. They cannot hear until 3 weeks or so of age. During this initial 2 to 3 weeks, puppies are practically blind and deaf. they must navigate the whelping box using scent.
I like this training video:
Your puppies will already be sleeping in crates with their litter mates before they go home.
Also, if you do not feed your puppy after 6:00 at night, your puppy should make it through the night without having to go outside to go the bathroom. Do not let your puppy out of the crate at night unless he is sick or hurt, or soiled the crate, or he will continue to want to go out at night on a regular basis.
The MidWest  Folding dog Crate with Divider/Large is a good option for a crate. You can order one on Amazon or etc...
Here are some videos to help you introduce your puppy to your dog. Having your  new puppy sleep at night, in his/her crate, next to where your dog sleeps. This will help acclimate your dog to your puppy as well.
Three Weeks Old:
At three  weeks, we are able to see, hear, walk. Our brains are still developing. We have had our nails clipped, had our first worming and have daily  interaction with people other dogs, cats and sounds in the household., and a soundtrack of various sounds, such as city sounds, thunderstorms, children playing etc.
At four weeks, your puppy undergoes a major increase in growth. A puppy's eyes open between two and four weeks old. Like human babies, puppies are born with bluish-gray eyes, but by this stage, their eyes settle into their adult eye color. Your puppy now has a full set of puppy teeth and can begin weaning.
Great video for understanding the needs of your puppy
5 Weeks Old

By five weeks old, the mother dog is spending more of her time away from her puppies. The puppies themselves are now eating solid food several times a day and gradually being weaned of their dependency on her milk. ... This is a key point in the development of the puppies' relationships with people.