Joey  carries for Black, Apricot and Chocolate




              Health Testing:




                 Hips/ O.F.A. Pre-lim Good 


                 PawPrint Genetic Testing:

                 Degenerative myelopathy/Normal

                 Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever type)/Normal

                 Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures/Normal

                 Progressive retinal atrophy, Golden Retriever 1/Normal           

                 Progressive retinal atrophy, Golden Retriever 2/Normal

                 Progressive rod-cone degeneration/Normal

                 Von Willebrand disease I/Normal

                 Von Willebrand disease II/Normal

Joey is a very sweet and smart boy. He loves spending time with his family going for walks and,car rides. He loves it when visitors bring over their dogs to play with him. 

He has been such a great asset to our breeding program producing puppies with wonderful temperaments and very nice coats and nice heads. 

Standing at Stud to Approved Females



                    Joey as a puppy

Joey at 8 weeks old


                    Joey playing with Darcy

                           Joey and his son Luke

         Joey with his guardian family, Diane and Roland and                                 their ther doodle from us, Annie.


Joey and his son Luke

A puppy out of Joey bred by Doodledandygoldendoodles

One of Joey's Chocolate puppies