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Before adopting a new puppy, here are some things to think about:


Are you willing to make necessary preparations such as fencing in your yard


Finding  an  obedience  school  or  trainer so  your  dog  and  your  family  can  learn  how  to  live  together  in  harmony.
Finding  a  veterinarian  that  will  meet
 all  the  health  care  needs  of  your  pet.
Finding  a  dog  walker  if  you  are  out  of the  home  eight  hours  a  day  or  more?
Are  you  able  to  spend  the  time  and money  it  takes  to  have  a  dog  in  your home,  such  as  exercising   your  dog daily,  and  taking  them  to  a  groomer on  a  regular  basis.
Supervise your children when they are interacting with  your puppy/dog.


Please contact us below with any questions you may have about our goldendoodles. Please fill in the form below.

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