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We want our puppies to have the best start possible with their new families. It is very important to make sure your growing puppy gets lots of exercise and undisturbed sleep time.

Your puppy should not be in a crate more than 4 hours at a time.

It is important to supervise children with puppies at all times.

We encourage families to visit our dogs prior to putting a deposit down, whenever possible.


Once the puppies are born, we start a page about the litter, giving information and weekly pictures, to keep families updated on their progress.

We also email info. to puppy buyers, on food, feeding your puppy, crate size, shots, and training information, prior to taking your puppy home.


Puppies go home at eight weeks of age, after they have received their health certificate from the veterinarian.


We schedule a puppy pick-up day.

Each family has a one hour visit, in the order of their deposits, to pick their puppy and take them home.


When you come for your visit, we can answer additional questions you and your family may have.


We can schedule visits during the week as well as the weekend for pick-up time.


We can also suggest places for you to stay, if needed.


We charge a boarding fee of $50.00 dollars a day, if we need to hold a puppy after pick-up day.



Our puppies go  home with:


        Vet Health Certificate


          First shots, worming,


          2 year heath guarantee




          Puppy Packet/Toy/Collar


          NuVet Vitamin Samples.




           Lots of love and affection


          We also give ongoing email, support/advise, once the                       puppies are in their new homes, if needed.


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