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Your puppy has had a microchip inserted between his/her shoulder blades.  Here is a video on how to register your microchip for free. Please follow the instructions on the video  to go to the website provided, on the video, to register your puppies microchip. You will find the microchip number on the front of your health folder. That is the number you need to use for your registration.

In your folder will also be a pedigree

and a copy of your Health guarantee signed and dated by me. 

You will also receive a  bag with a little food, a toy and a small cloth with mom's scent on it.

This is the puppy food we will be feeding your puppy, Make sure to order your bag in a timely fashion in case deliveries are delayed
JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin

Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush

Also A metal comb
I am going to add weekly training clips from Puppy Culture to help you prepare for your new puppy. They are a great training resource that you can find online.  Start these trainings as soon as you get your new puppy home.To go along with this one, you can add food/treats ,by hand, to your puppies food dish, while they are eating, to help them learn not to guard their food dish as well.
Also do not grab things out of your puppies mouth unless they are  really unsafe. You puppy learns by putting things in their mouth. Teach them the word drop it,  and reward them with a treat if they do drop something you don't want them to have. Teach them to retrieve and bring back a ball or toy. If they don't bring it back, go to them, and trade a treat for the toy .
I like this training video:
Your puppies will already be sleeping in crates with their litter mates before they go home.
Also, if you do not feed your puppy after 6:00 at night, your puppy should make it through the night without having to go outside to go the bathroom. Do not let your puppy out of the crate at night unless he is sick or hurt, or soiled the crate, or he will continue to want to go out at night on a regular basis.

A Great Video on Feeding Your

Puppy. Please follow his guidelines with your new puppy.

We start your puppy coming as a group using  the phrase:
Here pup pup pup
Great video for understanding the needs of your puppy

Make sure your puppy is getting enough rest (12 hours per day). Have lots of great chew toys around to get her through teething (frozen wet rags, Teething toys.  Don't leave kids and dogs unattended. Teach kids not to run and scream from nipping puppies but to quietly walk away or stop moving

Addie and Lottie taking a break from Motherhood, watching the Srtorm on Monday.

You can start from as young as 8 weeks by getting the puppy used to wearing a collar for periods of time. Teach leash walking as a fun game, anywhere from 10-12 weeks onwards, depending on the individual pup - but just don't expect too much too soon

We love the gentle leader!

Both litters watching a movie in the evening. A dog movie of course!

image0 (1).jpeg
A family from the last litter used the computer to comfort their puppy to help him get used to the crate. As you know i used the computer in the evening to calm the puppies for the night. They said it worked great!
Check out the link below for quick easy to set up fencing to keep your new puppy safe
Video Channel Name

Video Channel Name

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